Course Contents

r20Our Mission:

The Eternal Reiki Training School is here to provide you with all the tools needed to become a fully certified Reiki Master and to do so from the comfort of home.

Our Program has been meticulously put together to allow you to learn Reiki online exponentially quicker than traditional classroom training and at a fair cost to you.

“The Eternal Reiki Training Course”


What you’re getting:

Three Reiki training course levels which cover every part of the Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master levels in great depth and detail.

Plus, you’ll receive all the other course materials found listed below.

Each training level explains everything you need to learn Reiki in it’s entirety. This online Reiki training is fully detailed with photographs and diagrams to make every step of the way easy to understand.


Reiki Practitioner-Level 1

Reiki Practitioner achievement will open your channel of energy and allow you to channel this energy at a physical level.

Once level 1 status is complete, you will have the ability to start performing Reiki self-treatments.


Advanced Reiki Practitioner-level 2

Advanced Reiki Practitioner achievement will increase the levels of energy you can channel and you will do so at a greater capacity.

Upon completion on level 2 status you will not only have the ability to treat yourself, but to start treating other people as well.


Reiki master/teacher-Level 3

Reiki Master achievement is going to give you the ability to channel the universal energy.

Completing level 3 status will allow you to self treat, treat others and to also pass on the miracle of Reiki as a fully certified teacher.


20.pngEternal Reiki study guide

This comprehensive study guide was put together to help test your knowledge of Reiki and to more easily retain the study materials.


20.pngEternal Reiki relaxation music

You will receive the “Eternal Reiki Relaxation Music” compilation.

This is 60 minutes of beautiful and authentic Reiki music.

These tracks are perfect to clear your mind and body no matter if your preforming treatments, meditating or just relaxing.


20.pngThe 7 chakra and the rapid Reiki treatment hand positions flashcards

These flashcard sets have been added to this online Reiki training course to help you more easily retain the study material.

The cards contain detailed descriptions of the 7 chakras and the hand positions to practice rapid Reiki treatments.


20.pngProfessional Reiki certificates for the Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master levels, plus your lineage certificate

Receive your professional certificates upon completion of each Reiki training course level.

You’ll also be getting a lineage certificate which traces back to the original Reiki master Mikao Usui.


20.pngReiki business tools

With our online Reiki training course, you will receive all the tools needed to start your very own Reiki business.

You get the Reiki business manual, which will teach you everything you need to know about starting a Reiki business.

You will also get all of the necessary client forms and free printable Reiki posters for your walls.


20.pngPhotographs of the Reiki hand positions

You will learn every hand position used in Reiki healing for self-treatments and treating others.

The course photographs clearly show you each of the hand positions and how to use them during treatment.

20.pngDiagrams of each of the Reiki symbols

It’s important for you learn each Reiki Symbol and know how to use them during self healing and while treating others.

The diagrams included in this course make it easy for you to start using the Reiki symbols and make sure that you are confident about each symbol’s meaning and how to use them correctly.

20.pngPowerful distance Reiki attunement

You will be attuned to each level of Reiki.

Your attunement and full instruction on how to receive the attunement is included with this Reiki master training course.


20.pngUnlimited help, support and guidance

The Eternal Reiki Training Course is the easiest, most convenient and detailed way to learn Reiki at the Master level.

If you have any questions about the course or learning Reiki in general, support and help is only an email away.



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Bonus 1:



This is a terrific compliment to Reiki. Using aromatherapy will relax you or your clients.

By using relaxation additives, you are sure to increase healing levels and decrease negative energy levels.

This book will teach you all the essentials of using this therapy and how to put together your very own recipes.

Your price: $0

Bonus 2:

“Natural Herbal Remedies“


Part of healing yourself and other people is making sure that your body is healthy and pure.

To do this you need to be conscious of what your putting into your body.

This book will teach you alternative cures through natural herbs instead of dangerous drugs or surgical procedures.

Your price: $0

Bonus 3:

“Magnetic Therapy“


This is an excellent therapy to learn for yourself or you can use this therapy as an extra service to offer clients.

Magnetic Therapy can be a powerful tool in maintaining your health and healing the body back to a healthy state.

You will learn what Magnetic Therapy is and how you can use it to heal and manage pain.

Your price: $0

Bonus 4:

“Increase Your Energy Levels“


Remove feelings of fatigue, sluggishness and chronic tiredness and heal with a more pure and clear energy.

If your energy is weak you will perform at a diminished level while treating either yourself or others.

This book is going to teach you the keys to this and in just a short period of time.

Your price: $0

Bonus 5:

“Relaxing Reiki Music“


I’m going to set you up with some more relaxation music.

You can use this for self treatment, meditation, treatments on others or any time you would like to enjoy calm and peaceful music.

All you have to do is open your mind and body and enjoy.

Your price: $0

These bonuses total to over $110.

If you move forward and try The Eternal Reiki Training Course, you get all 5 bonuses 100% Free.


This course has a risk free,

100% money back guarantee