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Thank you for purchasing The Eternal Reiki Training Course!

I want to bestow upon you this tremendous one-time-offer.

Learn To Heal With Expert Meditation!



Before you begin your life changing journey with Reiki, I want to include you in on this once in a life time meditation package.

Truly allow yourself to leave the negative distractions in your life and allow yourself to enter a state of pure bliss.

Learn how to enter a state of mind that’s not only euphoric, but one that will yield total relaxation and stress elimination.

With this expert meditation package, you will be provided with everything you need for expert meditation anytime you wish.

Meditation will:

18.png Reduce Stress.

18.png Sharpen your concentration.

18.png Promote a healthy lifestyle.

18.png Enhance self awareness.

18.png Provide healthier body benefits.

18.png Brighten your mood.

18.png Regulate anxiety.

18.png Allow you better sleep.

18.png Redirect your focus from negative distractions.

18.png Lower blood pressure.

18.png Increase feelings of happiness and well being.

18.png Compliment physical and psychological healing.

No matter what is going on in your life, meditation is on your side.

At anytime you have negative feelings or moments of stress, you can take what all that you will learn and put it to use.

With meditation, you can take any negative situation and free yourself from it by going to a special place where no distractions are allowed.

This is your place, where you are in full control to balance yourself and enter a state of deep relaxation.

Your path to expert meditation



With this fully equipped meditation package, you will receive:

 “Calm Mind, Healthy Body”



59.pngMeditation is the first step to becoming more in control of your mind, your emotions and the way you choose to feel, think and act.

Once you learn to use meditation, you’ll create a safe place that you can escape to any time you choose.

This will allow you to become completely relaxed and to ‘detach’ yourself from the petty concerns that you might have and all those not so petty ones.

“Healing Guided Meditation Audio”



59.pngWith this tool you can heal through meditation.

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this guided meditation will do all the work for you.

Just get comfortable and accept the meditation guidance.

“Expert Meditation”



59.pngThe true purpose of meditation is to simply be and to do so without any expectations or hopes about what you’ll get or where you’ll end up.

You will learn:

18.png Intro to meditation.

18.png How to meditate.

18.png What to expect.

18.png How long to meditate.

18.png The clear mind syndrome.

18.png And so much more!

“Relaxing Music Therapy”



59.pngYou can use this for meditation, spiritual practices or any time you would like to enjoy calm and peaceful music.

All you have to do is open your mind and body and enjoy.

Use For:

18.png De-stressing.

18.png Meditation.

18.png Reiki.

18.png Simple enjoyment.

18.png All other holistic practices.

“Mantra Magic”



59.pngGet all the support and guidance you need to use mantras and effectively use them to better your life.

You will learn:

18.png Mantra basics.

18.png Finding the right mantra.

18.png Correct form.

18.png Getting in touch.

18.png Mantras for health.

18.png And much more!

“Breathe Relief”



59.pngTake a deep breath and eliminate stress with ease! The definitive course for getting breathing exercises to work in your life.

You will learn:

18.png Easing stress with breathing techniques

18.png How to effectively relieve stress with breathing

18.png Several different breathing techniques

18.png And so much more!

Also get these Free bonuses:

“Holistic Growth Goal Setting”



59.pngThis guide will help you in achieving goal setting with a bigger difference and to accelerate the choices made in terms of career goals and personal goals.

You will learn:

18.png What is holistic growth?

18.png Goal setting and the principles.

18.png Living a balanced life.

18.png The impact of goal setting to a balanced life.

18.png How to set your goals.

18.png And so much more!

Your Cost: $0

“Dreams Interpretation”


59.pngDreams are a communication of the body, brain and spirit.

This powerful tool will provide you with everything you need to learn all the basics of the world of dreams.

You will learn:

18.png Dream basics.

18.png What Sigmund Freud said about dreams?

18.png What Jung said about dreams?

18.png Do dreams have a biological function?

18.png Types of dreams.

18.png And much more!

Your Cost: $0

“Karma Crash Course”


59.pngWe all know that good karma will create a more meaningful life (and afterlife) for yourself.

You can use these techniques to feel happier and will start attracting goodness and luck into your life.

You will learn:

18.png Easy techniques for improving and maintaining karma.

18.png How to excel in areas such as your mind, body and spirit.

18.png Understanding and application of the content in this guide.

18.png To better succeed in all areas of life.

Your Cost: $0

These bonuses are a $70 value at no cost to you!

This is a limited time offer…The price will go back up.

Start living the best life possible

This really is the total meditation package.

You are provided will all the tools to live a life not flooded by stress and negative distractions through expert meditation.

Normally, this package easily sells for over $200.

As karma has taught me, life is best when doing good deeds upon others.

That is why I’m presenting you with this one time offer and pushing this total expert meditation package to only $27.


No Thanks, I’ll Have to Pass On This Incredible Offer.  I Know I May Never See it Again, But Will Pass On This Today . . .

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